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BOYCOTT WHOLE FOOD - They are price gouging WHITE CUSTOMERS while giving the inner city Chicago Negroes VERY VERY DISCOUNTED PRICES - Imagine if this was the other way around!!!!!

CHICAGO NEGRO ENGLEWOOD — You might want to skip your local Whole Foods and head to Englewood the next time you go grocery shopping.

When plans were announced to open a Whole Foods in Englewood, a South Side food desert, officials said prices would be more affordable. On Wednesday, when the doors finally opened, the store put its money where its mouth is.

Compared to prices at the Whole Foods' Lincoln Park location at 1550 N. Kingsbury St., prices on many Englewood Whole Foods items were far cheaper.
The differences are significant.

Eggs are $1.99 in Black Englewood vs $3.99 in WHITE Lincoln Park
Milk is $1.99 in Black Englewood vs $4.19 in WHITE Lincoln Park
Gallon of vanilla ice cream in Black Englewood $3.99 vs $5.99 in WHITE Lincoln Park


President Obama raise BLACK POWER FIST in East Room of the White House

Friday, September 30, 2016

Crooked Deathbed Hillary Clinton - Can't shake the cough! Clinton chokes up at rally minutes before she's aided down a set of stairs

Carpet Munching Lesbian Hillary Clinton coughed up a large pubic hairball once she was aided off stage

Hillary Clinton's cough reappeared Friday morning.

The Democratic presidential nominee choked up during a Florida speech on national service and had to pop a cough drop as she was approaching her big finish.

'We love you, Hillary!' an audience member shouted, giving her time to recompose herself. 'Thank you!!' Clinton replied.

She coughed once more and cleared her throat three additional times before she fully recovered.
At the end of her remarks, as she was headed for the exit, Breitbart News noted that Clinton had to reach out for her lead Secret Service agent's arm and steady herself for a moment before she descended down the steps.   
                                                                                                                                                                    It was the second time this week Clinton lost the struggle to control her voice in public. Since developing pneumonia, she's had coughing fits several times and observers have noticed strangeness about her gaze. 

Chicago Negro Violence, not even school bus drivers are safe - School bus driver among 4 wounded from gunfire

A school bus driver was among four men wounded since Friday afternoon in separate city shootings on the West and South sides, police said.

The Chicago Fire Department took a 31-year-old man with a possible graze wound to Mount Sinai Hospital from the 4300 block of West Jackson Boulevard following a shooting, a spokesman said. The man's condition was stabilized, the spokesman said.

The victim was driving a school bus when he suffered a graze wound from a bullet when someone outside the bus fired shots at 5:33 p.m., said Officer Michelle Tannehill, a police spokeswoman. No other injuries were reported, she said.

The driver "will thankfully be okay," said police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi in a Tweet. He "Suffered non-life threatening injuries graze/broken glass wounds."


The Straight Story on 'Stop and Frisk'



Will Oak Lawn Exterminate Chuck E. Cheese due to Negro violence?

UPDATE: Oak Lawn Chuck E Cheese Could Be Shut

Down Due to 911 Calls: Oak Lawn Mayor Sandra Bury
Black Shootings, Black Brawls, Uncontrolled Black Children - Another public venue BLACKS are DESTROYING AS USUAL! Oak Lawn IL Issues a SEVERE NEGRO ALERT

Chuck E. Cheese, the chain of family friendly arcade and pizza joints, bills itself as a place where "a kid can be a kid."

But in Oak Lawn, where for years the restaurant on 95th Street has been plagued by fights and disorderly behavior, village officials are questioning whether it's a place where a kid should even visit.

"It's a big problem for the safety of children when you have an establishment that caters to children where this is a constant issue," said Oak Lawn Mayor Sandra Bury, noting that Oak Lawn police received 55 calls for service there through the first eight months of this year. "Would I take children there? I don't know."

The restaurant has had a reputation for attracting a "pretty volatile mix" for decades, although no Oak Lawn official would hazard a guess as to the reason.

Trustee Terry Vorderer, a retired member of the Oak Lawn Police Department who now represents the district where the Chuck E. Cheese outlet is located, said it was a problem even back when he was chief of patrol.

"It seems the type of incidents that take place there, other than the routine thefts of cell phones, things of that nature, are more domestic-related," he said. "They blow up pretty darn quick, and when they get out of control, people get hurt. Police officers get hurt."

Since 2011, Oak Lawn police have made more than two dozen arrests there, mostly for battery and disorderly conduct.

In one 2012 incident, two men fired multiple shots into a car parked in the Chuck E. Cheese lot, according to news reports. A 20-year-old man with alleged gang ties who was sitting inside the car is believed to have been the intended target. He was uninjured, and the gunmen escaped.

Over the years, the village has worked with CEC Entertainment, the parent company of Chuck E. Cheese, and Kimco Realty, which owns the shopping center, to enhance safety at that location.

"The management of Chuck E. Cheese has actually been really responsive," Bury said. "Anything we ask of them, they pretty much do."

To date, CEC has installed prominent surveillance cameras and monitors throughout the restaurant; hung "Rules of Conduct" signs in three different areas of the establishment; rearranged the interior setup to increase visibility and sight lines, reduce congestion and increase traffic flow; and added brighter, color-true lighting, a company spokeswoman said.

CEC also pays to have multiple Oak Lawn police officers work a security detail inside the restaurant every Thursday through Sunday, and in 2014, it voluntarily relinquished its liquor license.

In a statement, CEC Entertainment acknowledged that incidents had occurred at their Oak Lawn location, but said it had taken numerous actions to improve the guest experience and was committed to continuing to do so.

"We understand that there have been incidents at local businesses, including ours, and we always work with the local community to ensure a safe and wholesome environment at our restaurants," CEC spokeswoman Christelle Dupont said in a statement.

Even Kimco, which owns the shopping center, has done its part to improve security at the location — enhancing exterior lighting and paying for a police car to sit in the parking lot outside the store, according to Bury.

Yet the problems still persist.

"Everything they've done to date just isn't keeping kids safe" Bury said. "And if kids aren't safe, we have a problem with that."

The most recent violent incident at the restaurant occurred on Aug. 27 when a few family members were involved in a physical altercation.

A male patron head-butted his niece after she spat in the face of his girlfriend, according to a police report. The niece allegedly retaliated by punching him in the face before fleeing the scene, police said.

When an Oak Lawn officer tried to detain the man, he yelled an expletive and shoved the officer, the report states. Police arrested both him and his niece, whom they caught up to at a Walgreens in Evergreen Park, and charged each with battery and disorderly conduct, according to reports.

Immediately upon learning of the fracas, Bury wrote the village trustees a letter alerting them of the incident and asking for their opinions on how to handle it.

"We're taking this very, very seriously. I can't tell you how seriously," she said. "It's really important that people feel good about going to shop in Oak Lawn, and that people feel good about bringing their children to a children's place. We have to keep these kids safe. That's really what it's about."

While revocation of the restaurant's business license is an option, Bury and the village trustees preferred first to take their concerns to the company's executives, who agreed to fly in from Irving, Texas for a meeting two weeks ago.

"I told the president of Chuck E. Cheese (Roger Cardinale), I said, 'Look I don't know what you're going to do. I don't know the answers. I don't know how you solve your problems in that store, but it ain't my problem to solve them for you,'" Vorderer said. "It's my job to represent the community."

Both Vorderer and Bury said the meeting with the company's president and senior vice president was productive, and that executives from CEC Entertainment promised a swift response.

"They are committed to doing whatever it takes to make this location safe for children," Bury said. "They have agreed to, at their expense, hire a security expert to review what's been done to date."

Vorderer said the company had agreed to provide a security report to the board by Tuesday. The company will then present a revised version of the security plan — after village officials have provided feedback and the company has incorporated any suggested tweaks — at the first regular board meeting in October.

From there, the board will decide how to proceed, although it appears likely they'll permit Chuck E. Cheese to implement the plan and see if it has the intended effect of enhancing security at the location before taking any action against the business.

"I'm not going to turn a blind eye to it if there are more issues," Vorderer said, "but I'm giving a responsible corporation and a successful business in Oak Lawn an opportunity to solve our concerns."

It turns out Donald Trump was right about his defective debate microphone. Vindication?

The "Daily Show" excoriated Donald Trump this week for complaining about his microphone after Monday's debate: "Donald Trump sounds like my cousin who never accepts that I kicked his ass in X-box," Trevor Noah said. "That’s what he’s doing. ‘The only reason you beat me, Trevor, is because the controller doesn’t work!' "
CNN's "Reality Check" column scoffed at the claim: "There was the bad microphone, which no one, except for him, seemed to notice."
The aptly named (in this case) interviewed an audio expert who said: "The professional audio community has largely been dismissive of the possibility of a mic problem."

TRUE NEWS USA - Why they won't make jokes about crooked deathbed Hillary Clinton

Jim Jordan Asks FBI Director James Comey Why Hes Covering Up Hillary Clinton's Lies

JERUSALEM: Bill Clinton runs late to board Air Force One with Obama on board due to a last minute blowjob - LET'S GO: WHO KEPT THE PRESIDENT WAITING ON THE TARMAC?

JERUSALEM -- Who can keep the president of the United States waiting? Only another president, of course.

After the funeral of former Israeli President Shimon Peres, former President Bill Clinton hitched a ride back from Israel today on Air Force One with President Obama.

Clinton has a reputation for running a bit late and it seems Obama was no deterrent. Video shows Obama standing in the doorway of the plane, motioning Clinton to hurry along and board the plane.
With no success, Obama walks off the plane onto the steps and calls out to the former president: "Bill, let's go! I'll take you home."

Finally, Clinton walks up the steps to board the plane. The two presidents shake hands, pat each other on the back and board together.

Both presidents were speakers at Peres' funeral earlier today. They were expected to land back in Washington close to 6 p.m. ET.

Chicago Police Hunt for Feral Negro Gunman After Holdup at Dunkin Donuts in West Loop

UPDATED: A man allegedly robbed a Dunkin' Donuts at gunpoint Friday afternoon then fled to a nearby building.

CHICAGO, IL — Police are searching for an armed man who allegedly held up a doughnut shop in the West Loop, according to reports.

A man allegedly robbed a Dunkin' Donuts in the 500 block of West Lake Street at gunpoint, according to Paul Konrad of WGN-TV. The gunman then fled to a nearby building, the report added.

Police are currently surrounding the area, and they have shut down Lake Street between Clinton and Jefferson streets, Sara Jindra of WGN reports. At least one building also is in a lockdown, according to online reports.

Watch Deer Try To Hop Into Car With Driver After Being Hit on Road

Video from a New Jersey Patrolman's dash cam shows a driver pulled over on the side of the road after having just hit a deer with her car, but then the deer tried to get in the car. The driver, Ellen Sager, said she pulled over to see if it was ok, but when she opened the car door it must have thought that was an invitation to come inside. She said she pushed her foot into its chest to stop it from coming in. Sager was ok, but unfortunately the deer did not survive its injuries.

NAACP Says Black Cops Are Not Real Black People and 3 more shorts news story

NAACP Says Black Cops Are Not Real Black People
One of the craziest things to come out of the Keith Scott shooting in Charleston, NC is the idea that it is racist for a black police officer to use deadly force on an armed black man. The NAACP, in its infinite wisdom, has come up with a foolproof way around this little problem. According to the organization, black cops are not real black people so therefore it is racist when they shoot actual black people.
The NAACP is not convinced the Scott shooting was justified, despite multiple videos showing that he was armed. Even the facts that a gun was recovered from the scene and that Scott was illegally carrying a weapon when police shot him has done nothing to persuade them

Tennessee: Middle schoolers will still be indoctrinated with Islam under “new” standards
Students will continue to learn the origin and central features of Islam in middle school under new draft standards proposed by the Tennessee State Board of Education.
The teachings of Islamic culture and history have been a subject of controversy among some parents across the state and there has been a strong backlash to the standards as they were previously written due to what some described as an effort to “indoctrinate students

3-Time Deportee Arrested in Texas Shooting Spree — 2 Dead
A Mexican national who has been previously deported at least three times was arrested in connection to a north Texas shooting and crime spree. Two people were murdered during the September 26 rampage.
Silvestre Franco Luviano, 40, allegedly began his crime spree on Monday at about 10:30 PM. Police dispatchers in Dallas and neighboring Cedar Hill received calls about someone shooting a gun near Interstate 20 and Spur 408. 23-year-old Ruben Moreno was in a Hummer when he was shot and killed. Welton Betts, 44, was also killed while others sustained non-life threatening injuries, Fox4 in Dallas reported. Betts was pumping gas when he was killed.

After Chelsea Bombing, NYC Launches Efforts To Silence ‘Negative Rhetoric’ About Islam
Less than two weeks after the terrorist bombings in New Jersey and New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s administration is launching a new campaign against the “negative rhetoric targeting Muslim communities” that the city says gets worse after “terrorist incidents.”
A press release from the city on Monday explained the reasoning for the new anti-anti-Islam efforts: “Across the country, hateful speech has made Muslim residents the target of misguided attacks and threats, especially in the aftermath of terrorist incidents,” states a press release from the

GoFundMe campaign for grieving illegal beaner mother Alexa Coria shut down after her arrest for the anchor baby's slaying - 11-month-old RaeLynn Martinez was killed - Juan Canales-Hernandez and Alexa Coria have been charged in the murder of this toddler

Forty donors pledged $1,320 of their own money on GoFundMe after a 11-month-old RaeLynn Martinez was killed.

The campaign was to help the child’s grieving mother – or so the kindhearted donors thought. Then a second campaign formed, this one to help the child’s divorced father, sparking suspicions.

On Thursday, the mother was arrested in conjunction with the infant’s death. On Friday, her campaign was shut down, after GoFundMe deemed that the funds were being collected “for raising money for the defense or support of anyone alleged to be involved in criminal activity.”

It all began on Sept. 7, when police in Fort Collins, Colo., received a call about an injured child.
They arrived to find the girl’s mother, Alexa Coria, distraught. According to Coria, while she was in the bathroom, RaeLynn attempted to climb up to the seat of her high chair but fell off. The infant was bleeding from her mouth. When Coria picked her up, she became “dangly,” arms hanging limply at her sides.

Coria said she repeatedly placed the infant in water for about 30 to 45 minutes in an attempt to keep her awake. According to her boyfriend Juan Canales-Hernandez, Coria texted him to come over. The child was rushed to the hospital.

The story seemed like a heartbreaking accident, one that could happen to any mother.

Until the next day, when Coria changed her story, telling police that she was picking up another of her children from school, when Canales-Hernandez called to say the child was injured.

That change in story led Canales-Hernandez to admit he had been tossing the infant playfully in the air, when she hit her head. He placed RaeLynn in a high chair, but the child wasn’t secure, which lead Canales-Herandez to grow “frustrated,” according to an affidavit.

So he took another chair and smashed it into RaeLynn, knocking her to the ground.


TRUE NEWS USA - Double Hit News


‘Narcos alone rule’: Mexico shaken after three priests killed within a week

The Catholic priest José Alfredo López Guillén was seized from his parish residence in rural Michoacán, where he served a congregation of corn farmers and ranchers. The next day, the wreckage of his Volkswagen Jetta was discovered on the outskirts of the town of Quiroga, 71 miles (115km) from where it had been stolen.
The priest’s body was discovered on Sunday on a lonely stretch of road, nearly a week after his abduction. He had been shot five times in the stomach.
López was the third priest to have been kidnapped and killed in Mexico in less than a week. His body was found days after Alejo Jiménez and José Juárez were abducted from their church in the city of Poza Rica and found dead in the Gulf state of Veracruz
Were  They leaving Them above ground so they can Vote Democrat in November??
New Low’: Dead Vets Left To ‘Decompose’ In VA Morgue For Weeks Without Burial… EDWARD HINES VA HOSPITAL

Another black mark for the Veterans Administration.
An Illinois Veterans Affairs hospital already under fire for excessive wait times, festering black mold and kitchen cockroaches faces a new shame – the bodies of dead patients left unclaimed in the morgue for up to two months without proper burial, whistleblower documents allege.
The whistleblower, whose identity is not being revealed for fear of retaliation, complained last month to the VA’s inspector general about the Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital’s handling of veterans’ remains in cases where families have not come forward to claim the body. The complaint singled out Christopher Wirtjes, chief of Patient Administrative Services, saying “The Chief of PAS has the funds available, yet has no sense of urgency to lay the veteran to rest.”
Sen. Mark Kirk, R-Ill., whose office also received the complaint along with emails, is now calling for Wirtjes’ firing and in a statement, slammed the hospital – located in the Western suburbs of Chicago — over its recent history of controversies.
“Hines VA — the hospital that has been overrun with cockroaches and mold and left vets waiting for care for months on secret wait lists, has reached a new low in the treatment of our veterans,” Kirk told “We now have reports of bodies being left to decompose in the morgue for months on end.”
The whistleblower, who has spoken with Kirk’s office, described a “horrible issue” at the hospital in the letter to the IG: “Some veteran’s remains have been left in our hospital morgue for 45 days or more until they are stacked to capacity at times.”
On at least one occasion, a body had liquefied and the bag burst when staff had attempted to move it, said Alissa McCurley, Kirk’s deputy chief of staff.
Kirk talked to VA Secretary Bob McDonald last week in Washington and demanded the firing of Wirtjes, whom the Office of Special Counsel determined had orchestrated a secret wait list that was exposed by another whistleblower in 2014. McDonald was noncommittal, Kirk said.
Internal VA emails chronicle how a frustrated Hines clerk attempted to obtain permission from Wirtjes for burial of unclaimed veterans on three occasions.
The first email chain began on Dec. 7, 2015.
“[There is] an invoice for an unclaimed veteran that has been here for over 30 days. Please approve for burial at Abraham Lincoln,” the clerk wrote to Wirtjes and several others.
Three days later, the clerk wrote again: “Approval of unclaimed Vet D?? Status?”
On Dec. 23, the clerk wrote to human resources: “Any further on my poor unclaimed? I WILL file a police report, but I hate doing that…”
Emails from June 14, 2016 and Aug. 29, 2016 state that two different veterans languished in the morgue for a month or more.

Charles Wasko is the WHITE mayor of West York Pennsylvania - Pennsylvania mayor pushed to resign after racist Facebook posts

The mayor of a small Pennsylvania borough is being pushed to resign by other municipal officials following racist Facebook pictures West York Mayor Charles Wasko apparently posted over the summer, including ones aimed at the first family.
The calls for resignation come after a Facebook page apparently belonging to Wasko posted in June a picture of a monkey, saying it's a picture of Michelle Obama and a wagon of orangutans captioned "moving day at the White House."
    However, that's not the only offensive content the Facebook page has posted, or even the most recent. He has various posts calling Obama and Hillary the leaders of ISIS, Hillary behind bars, and various others. One of the more overt posts was a picture of Clint Eastwood holding a noose with the text "Barry this rope is for you. Wanna bring that empty chair over here!"
    CNN has reached out to the mayor's office for comment and has not yet gotten a response. When the York Daily Record reportedly reached Wasko on Thursday, he described the response to his posts as "bulls---" and hung up on the reporter.
    The position of mayor in West York -- which according to a US census estimate has about 4,500 people in it -- is unpaid and Wasko cannot be removed legislatively.
    The West York Council President Shawn Mauck told CNN on Thursday that Wasko's "actions have been absolutely deplorable," and said he does not have the power to remove Wasko from his position but "the community itself and colleagues have reached out to him and asked for his resignation." Mauck has not been able to get in touch with Wasko.
    Mauck said the council plans to address this issue Monday through a censure vote to "censure him and formally distance our government from those actions," and he said he has no doubts that the vote will be unanimous.
    Mauch also is circulating a petition to push the mayor resign, which as of Thursday evening had more than 130 signatures on it.
    Mauck says that the posts are a result of the "age of (Donald) Trump that has made anything possible" and that "it's time that we start pushing back and say no to this kind of rhetoric."

    CHADBOURN, N.C.- Police Officer Ricky Soles fired following backlash over (Alleged Racist) Facebook post - Actually it was just factual not racist

    CHADBOURN, N.C. (WECT) – A police officer with the Chadbourn Police Department was fired Tuesday following backlash over a post he made on Facebook.
    Ricky Soles said he was given the opportunity to resign, and refused. Soles added he was then terminated on the grounds that his actions were unbecoming of a police officer and violated the law enforcement code of ethics.
    Soles deleted his Facebook account Monday after many community members called his post racist and offensive.
    Soles sent in a statement Monday regarding the Facebook post:
    Many believe the statement was made that this post is racist. This post is in NO WAY racist. This post in NO WAY relates to any race, religion, sex, culture, age group, movement, ect.. This post is directed to CRIMINALS, ‘’bad guys’’. This post is directed to individuals who break the law and believe it is ok, or believe they can get away with it. This post represents the truth of how 99% of individuals I have ever placed in handcuffs feel. I say this from individuals making excuses as to why they broke the law, or defending the fact they broke the law. Almost always individuals I have arrested do not take responsibility for the action or crime they have committed, instead blame is placed on another. Most crimes, especially property crimes are committed by individuals with little or no education due to the fact of needing money for whatever the reason maybe. Studies have shown persons with little or no education have trouble finding steady good paying jobs. Some of these individuals turn to crime whether drug dealing or property crimes as a supplement to income. Children are not raised properly because the criminal spends a great deal of time in jail, on the run from LEO, or out committing crimes. as a result children lose out on parental role model. Criminals a lot of times think they are owed something when they have not worked for it. This thought usually results in property crime being committed. Murderers, also known as criminals or bad guys, celebrate violence. Any person who beats his/her domestic partner is a criminal. Criminals or bad guys do not see the direct connection between their decisions and their quality of life, often they don’t think about the consequences of a crime before its committed. This is a breakdown of what the quote means to me. As I said before it is not racist, it is not meant to be racist, it is not directed at any one person, it is not directed to a race, religion, culture, age group, movement, ect..”
    Soles also went on to state that those weren’t his words as it was copied and pasted from a post on the Police One website and was written by a sheriff in Milwaukee.
    He claimed the post is referring to criminals and not anyone of a certain race.
    “That’s just how–he related to it–I mean he didn’t say any color—he related to it because criminals committing murder and violent at that time they are criminals,” stated Shana Soles, Ricky Sole’s wife.
    Residents of Chadbourn said that in the wake of the officer-involved shooting in Charlotte, they’re upset to see a post like this by someone in their community.
    “It’s scary to be honest with you, it’s scary. We’ve got police riding through here every day, and people don’t know what to do, if we should hold our hands up or put their hands down you know. It’s very sad,” said Lena Stephens.
    Others said they didn’t see the harm in Soles’s post.
    “I don’t see nothing wrong with what he said, everybody does need to take responsibility, stop committing crime. If you don’t break the law you don’t need to worry about the law, everybody has a responsibility whether they step up to it or not,” said Alvin Leggett.

    RUN OVER THE ANNOYING STREET BEGGARS - Long-Time North Hollywood Wheelchair Bound Woman Who Would Beg In The Street Killed in Hit-and-Run Was Known as 'Sunshine' - Police identified the 72-year-old woman as Patricia Richison

    NORTH HOLLYWOOD, CA -- Authorities today identified a woman in a wheelchair killed in North Hollywood by a hit-and-run motorist, who remains at large.

    The suspect was driving a white Ford Transit van and took off after the collision, which occurred about 3:30 a.m. Tuesday at Burbank Boulevard and Bonner Avenue, the Los Angeles Police Department said.

    Patricia Richison, 72, died at a hospital about three hours later, said coroner's Assistant Chief Ed Winter. Richison was dragged about 100 feet, according to police.

    Richison's nickname was "Sunshine," and she had lived in the area for 50 years, according to friend and fellow wheelchair user Candy Moore, who told KCAL9 that she was with the victim just before she was killed.

    "I heard the impact, and I knew, I just knew," Moore said tearfully. "Nobody would stop for her. She just said, 'oh, oh' and then she said my name. And that was it ... She didn't deserve that."

    Video of the van speeding from the scene is available on the LAPD website at

    A standing reward of up to $50,000, offered by the city of Los Angeles, is available for anyone providing information that helps solve a fatal hit-and- run. Anyone with information on the case was urged to call police at (877) LAPD- 247.

    Nasty White Trash Insatiable Nymphos Tonia M. Simms, 37, and Melissa E. Weaver, 26, Accused Of Having Sex With 15-Year-Old At Pizza Party - Extra sausage with my pizza please!!!

    DERRY TOWNSHIP PA - Two women have been accused of having sex with a 15-year-old boy at a pizza party in Derry Township.

    Tonia M. Simms, 37, and Melissa E. Weaver, 26, are charged with statutory sexual assault, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, corruption of minors and indecent assault.

    The 15-year-old boy involved told police he met Simms and Weaver through an acquaintance on July 8 and was invited over for pizza at Simms’ apartment in the Holiday Acres complex.

    After eating pizza and drinking alcoholic beverages, Simms invited the teen and Weaver upstairs to her bedroom.

    Weaver allegedly said to the teen: “What, you’ve never had a threesome before?'”

    The women then allegedly had sex with the 15-year-old and had sex with each other.

    The teen showed officers a text conversation in which he and Simms discussed his age.

    Simms was out on unsecured bond. Wednesday, a judge ordered police to take her into custody and jail her on $20,000 bond. Weaver remains out on unsecured bond.

    People are NUTS - Social media users fear terrifying orgy trend where mystery HIV carriers are invited to take part in unprotected sex parties may be spreading across Europe

    These HIV Orgies are almost as dangerous as having sex with a feral Negro

    SOCIAL media users are expressing concerns that extreme orgies where people have unprotected sex with a mystery HIV positive person may sweeping across Europe.

    In May the worrying trend of “sex roulette” parties was reported to have spread from Serbia to Spain according to a doctor in Barcelona.


    Black on Black Homicide at Black Lives Matter Rally/Riot in Charlotte Illustrates One Thing: Without a Black Population, Charlotte Would Be Virtually Murder-Free

    When Whites Gather You Get Goodie Bags - When Blacks Gather You Break Out the Body Bags
    Feral Negro Rayquan Borum, 21, murdered 26-year-old Justin Carr who had a checkered past

    Remember the story of the black person shooting another black person at the Black Lives Matter rally/riot in Charlotte after a black police officer shot a black career criminal who wouldn't put down his book gun?

    Of course, all of the above events descended into black on white violence in the Queen City (which has somehow shut black people out of any opportunity for advancement).


    Suburban Atlanta’s Cherokee County School District: Insatiable Nympho Teacher Laura Rich had endless sex with a slew of her students

    Police say Rich, 38, had sexual encounters with a 16-year-old student and an 18-year-old student who attended the alternative high school where she taught in suburban Atlanta’s Cherokee County school district.
    The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office stressed that Rich’s alleged sex romps with the teens did not occur simultaneously.
    “It happened at her home and they plotted going back and forth from the school to her house,” Cherokee County Sheriff spokesman Jay Baker told Atlanta Fox affiliate WAGA-TV. “This was not forced. It was consensual. But it was still inappropriate and it’s a crime for a teacher to have sex with student. Her profession as a teacher is what makes this a crime.”
    Read more:

    Man Gets His Ass Electrically Shocked While Trying to Remove Trump Sign From Neighbor’s Yard

    An annoyed Donald Trump supporter decided he was tired of the Trump signs in his yard being stolen or vandalized, so he did something about it.

    Home surveillance captured video of the moment a neighbor attempted to take the sign from the front lawn.

    The neighbor had quite the shocking surprise as he was electrocuted as soon as he picked up the sign.

    The video concludes with the neighbor running away.

    The publisher of the video claims the neighbor was charged with trespassing.

    Thursday, September 29, 2016

    ILLEGAL BEANER CHARGED IN DOUBLE MURDER DEPORTED 3 TIMES - 'This is an example of the worst of the worst that we go after on a daily basis'

    A man who allegedly killed two people and kidnapped a third one over the weekend in the Dallas area was living in the United States illegally under a false name and had been deported three times to Mexico in the last two decades, immigration officials said on Wednesday.
    The 40-year-old man is suspected of killing a motorist in Dallas and a man at a gas station in nearby Cedar Hill. He allegedly also kidnapped a landscape worker in Austin.
    Dallas County jail officials discovered the suspect initially identified as Silvestre Franco-Luviano was actually Juan Navarro Rios. However, a sheriff’s spokesperson later said he used at least eight aliases.

    Fabiola Bittar de Kroon Killed - Lone fatality in NJ Transit crash, Fabiola Bittar de Kroon, remembered as happy wife and mother; ‘She was so outgoing, very smart and career-focused’

    Globetrotting Fabiola Bittar de Kroon’s last trip was a Thursday morning jaunt to the Hoboken Terminal.

    The 34-year-old mom seemed to have it all: the man of her dreams, an 18-month-old baby girl and a high-powered career that sent her around the world before bringing her to the New York area.

    “It’s incredibly sad that this child won’t know her mother,” a friend said after de Kroon became the lone fatality in the horrific NJ Transit train crash in Hoboken.

    Her mother, Sueli Bittar, speaking with the Daily News from Santos, Brazil, was still reeling from the news of Fabiola’s shocking death.

    “I had a beautiful, clever daughter and I have a wonderful granddaughter,” Bittar said. “Her husband is a wonderful guy. I don’t know what to tell you because it’s very hard for us now. It is very sad.”


    Florida Wildebeest Stephanie Byron says Escambia County Sheriff Officer Michael Wohler tried to apologize with 'sorry I tased you' cake

    A Florida woman accusing an officer of excessive force says that the icing on the cake came when the sheriff’s deputy tried to apologize by giving her a “sorry I tased you” baked good.

    Stephanie Byron has filed suit against Escambia County Officer Michael Wohler, who she said used a stun gun against her after he came to the apartment complex where she worked in June 2015.

    The Pensacola woman claims that Wohler harassed her about her personal life before taking her sweet tea and refusing to give it back.

    Her lawsuit filed earlier this year says that the deputy fired his Taser at her when she tried to get the drink back, later taking the prods out of her neck and chest as she lie on the ground bleeding.

    The federal claims that Wohler filed a false report that his weapon had accidentally discharged into his pillow.

    However, Byron says the doltish deputy later tried to make it up to her by creating a crude frosting rendition of the scene on a cake.

    “Sorry I tased you,” reads the blue frosting above stick figures representing Wohler and Byron, who are connected by Taser wires.

    Byron, who is also suing Sheriff David Morgan, is asking for unspecified damages for her physical injuries, mental anguish and humiliation.

    The officer’s attorney denied almost all of the facts from the lawsuit and said in a court filing that even if they were proved, his client’s actions should be considered negligence rather than excessive force.

    Wohler resigned from the sheriff’s office the month after the shooting, and Escambia County’s Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission said Monday that he should be placed on a one-year probation from serving for any law enforcement agency in Florida.

    South suburban colored troubled teen Reginald Fleming Jr. killed on first day of a free ride college - He enjoyed man on man down-lo sex and scamming anything he could....

    Facing alleged violent robbers at the Negro Gang Hobos trial, ex-NBA player Bobby Simmons's memory fails as the nervous shits kick in

    Three years ago, former NBA player Bobby Simmons had a vivid memory of how he said he'd been robbed at gunpoint of a $200,000 diamond necklace outside a River North nightclub.

    But testifying before a federal grand jury and at the trial of the hardened criminals you're accusing are different things.

    Faced across a courtroom Thursday from members of the Hobos street gang — who the feds say have a history of bumping off witnesses — Simmons' memory failed him.

    "I don't remember," he repeatedly answered a federal prosecutor's questions about the robbery on June 10, 2006.


    Cook County State's Attorney Anita Alvarez abruptly drops ALL CHARGES against the following olice officers - Chicago police Sgt. James Padar and officers William Pruente and Morgan, as well as Glenview Officer James Horn but plans to re-indict The offender in this case - Joseph Sperling - was recently re-arrested for a DUI fatal accident

    In a stunning development, Cook County prosecutors on Thursday abruptly dropped all charges against three police officers shortly after the start of their perjury trial when the officers' lawyers alleged they had been charged under an out-of-date law.

    Prosecutors plan to re-indict the officers, but the sudden and confusing end to the trial marked another embarrassment for outgoing State's Attorney Anita Alvarez in her handling of prosecutions of Chicago police officers.

    In yet another surprise, a fourth officer, Vince Morgan, quietly pleaded guilty Wednesday to a misdemeanor count of obstruction of justice and was sentenced to a year of probation.

    The four officers — three from Chicago and one from north suburban Glenview — had faced felony charges in a case first revealed by the Tribune in an April 2014 front-page story. Joseph Sperling, a Glenview resident whom the officers suspected of narcotics dealing, was pulled over after allegedly failing to signal.

    n court, all four officers — Chicago police Sgt. James Padar and officers William Pruente and Morgan, as well as Glenview Officer James Horn — had taken the stand to defend the arrest. Pruente testified he smelled marijuana in Sperling's car, justifying his decision to order him out. Police found a backpack containing about a pound of marijuana inside.

    But Sperling's lawyer, Steven Goldman, pulled a surprise, producing a video from a Glenview squad car at the scene that showed Pruente had immediately opened up the driver's door and arrested Sperling. A furious Circuit Judge Catherine Haberkorn suppressed the traffic stop and arrest.

    In June 2015, Alvarez's office charged the officers with perjury, obstruction of justice and official misconduct.

    As the bench trial got underway Thursday before Judge Matthew Coghlan, prosecutors said in opening remarks that the actions of the officers struck at the heart of the criminal justice system.