Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Chicago FOP 7 Update

Fraternal Order of Police, Chicago Lodge #7
October 25, 2016
FLU Shot Reminder
FREE FLU shots are happening right now at the FOP Hall.  Come down and get the shot, not the FLU.
Atlas Chicago Police Uniform Blow-Out Sale Cancelled!
The other uniform stores DIDN'T want officers to save money!
The Blow-Out sale is cancelled!  All the remaining stock was sold to Tri Taylor last week.  
Stay Safe & God Bless the Police.
President Dean C. Angelo, Sr.
Fraternal Order of Police, Chicago Lodge #7
Fraternal Order of Police, Chicago Lodge #7, 1412 W. Washington Blvd., Chicago, IL 60607

YOUR DAILY DOSE OF SatireWorld.Com - Straight Man Sues Zesty Italian Salad Dressing Manufacturer Over His Turning Gay

The Failed Obamacare System - Rates Up 22 Percent For Obamacare Plans, But Subsidies Rise, Too

The cost of health insurance under the Affordable Care Act is expected to rise an average of 22 percent in 2017, according to information released by the Obama administration Monday afternoon.

Still, federal subsidies will also rise, meaning that few people are likely to have to pay the full cost after the rate increases to get insurance coverage.

"We think they will ultimately be surprised by the affordability of the premiums, because the tax credits track with the increases in premiums," said Kevin Griffis, assistant secretary for public affairs at the Department of Health and Human Services.

The 22 percent rise reflects the average for all insurance marketplaces, both federal and state-based exchanges for which data are available. For insurance purchased through the federal exchange the rise will average 25 percent.


Faggot Looking Feral Negro & #BLM Black Lives Matter "Activist" DeRay Mckesson says TSA security stopped him at Chicago's Midway Airport -

And what the media won't tell you is that the RAISING OF THE BLACK FIST is BLACK POWER - If a white man would do a Hitler salute the media would be all over that person but when a black man raises his WHITE HATING Black Power Fist, it's a wonderful thing!

A prominent Black Lives Matter activist said Tuesday he was stopped by security at Midway International Airport and missed his flight.

DeRay Mckesson, a Baltimore man who has become one of the most visible faces of that civil rights movement, took to Twitter Tuesday morning after the incident to express his frustration with the Transportation Security Administration.

Mckesson said that a TSA agent stopped him because the agent believed he was moving too quickly, and was going to call the police.

“I told him that he can call who he needs to call. He then called his supervisor. I missed the flight.”

The supervisor, Mckesson added, “was as helpful as she could be. But do your agents threaten folks w/ calling the police regularly?”

“We are aware of it and we’re looking into it,” said Michael McCarthy, a TSA spokesman for the Chicago area.

Mckesson grew up in the Baltimore area, then worked in Brooklyn through Teach for America. He was a teacher in Minneapolis when a white police officer fatally shot Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., in August 2014. After protesting in Ferguson,and documenting the rising anger over race relations, Mckesson decided to return to Baltimore, where he is a candidate for mayor in next month’s election.

He ended his Twitter posts on the Midway incident by saying he would file a formal complaint.

“The agent was at the ‘random’ check-point,” Mckesson said in one Tweet. “But he stopped me b/c he had the power to do so. There was nothing random about it.”

TRUE NEWS USA CARNY DEATH NEWS: Dreamworld - Four killed in accident on The Thunder River Rapids ride

Four people were killed on Tuesday in an accident at a popular theme park on Australia's east coast, officials said.

Two men and two women died while on a river rapids ride at Dreamworld, a park on Queensland state's Gold Coast, Queensland police officer Todd Reid told reporters.


Skydiver / Parachutist Michael Collins (48) dies after hitting billboard for TARGET stores in LaSalle County... Looks like he hit the target

Was his death a SIGN???

Authorities say they are continuing their investigation to find the cause of a skydiving accident that left an Illinois man dead.

The La Salle County sheriff's office says 48-year-old Michael Collins of Lacon died early Sunday from injuries suffered when he struck a billboard as he neared the ground.

The (LaSalle) News Tribune reports Collins had drifted off course during the skydive. Marseilles emergency responders found Collins suspended from the billboard about 1 foot off the ground. He was cut down and given life-support measures.

Life Flight was contacted and Collins was flown to Good Samaritan Hospital in Downers Grove, where the DuPage County coroner's office pronounced him dead from massive traumatic injuries.

In addition to the LaSalle County Sheriff's Department, the Federal Aviation Administration is investigating the incident.

FREEING MORE LAWLESS NEGROES THAN PRESIDENT LINCOLN: Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle hops on the Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart & IL State Senator Bill Cunningham FREE THE JAILED NEGROES CRUSADE - You can tell it's election time

Toni Preckwinkle wants more nonviolent defendants released from jail
Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle and a bipartisan, biracial coalition of commissioners on Monday pushed for jailing fewer people charged with nonviolent crimes while they await trial.

Preckwinkle and her allies called for a public hearing next month to explore the issue, contending unnecessary incarceration wasted taxpayer money and needlessly kept in jail those who simply could not afford their bail.

In an unusual move, the commissioners cited a recently filed lawsuit that seeks to force the Circuit Court to release more defendants without requiring them to post a bond, claiming the current practices result in unconstitutional discrimination against poor, largely minority criminal defendants. The suit sued five Circuit Court judges and Sheriff Tom Dart.

"I usually say that jails in this country ... are at the intersection of race and poverty," Preckwinkle said.

POLITICO - The people the next U.S> President will pick

By Kyle Cheney
Tear up your countdown calendar: The 2016 election will not end on Nov. 8. In fact, it'll carry on until mid-December, when 538 members of the Electoral College huddle in their respective state capitals and cast the only ballots with the power to formally elect the next president.

Because they have rarely deviated from the will of the voters—and never changed the outcome of an election—this constitutional process remains an obscure and anonymous relic of the Founding Fathers. But for six weeks, this assortment of party insiders, donors and, in some cases, fringe activists will be the most powerful force in American democracy. And most Americans will never know who they are.


TRUE NEWS USA - A Viewer Asks for PawPaw's Opinion on the Election

Pennsylvania - THE HOT & SEXY State Attorney General Kathleen Kane gets 10-23 Months in Jail

NORRISTOWN, Pa. (AP) — Former Attorney General Kathleen Kane was sentenced Monday to 10 to 23 months in jail for illegally disclosing details from a grand jury investigation to embarrass a rival and lying about it under oath.



Sorority claims ‘whites wanting to be black’ is ‘white privilege’
The event, simply titled “White Privilege,” took place on October 3 in the Business Building at TCNJ, but the sorority acknowledged that it was difficult to spur interest at the predominantly-white school.
Caitlyn Fair, a Lambda Tau Omega and TCNJ alumna who is now a teacher in the area, told the assembly that the conversation is necessary because many people deny the existence of white privilege, or else employ the phrase “I don’t see color” as a means of avoiding the subject.
Also problematic, one participant asserted, is the phenomenon of “whites wanting to be black
Ottawa police stopping Middle Eastern, black drivers at ‘disproportionate’ rate
Middle Eastern and black drivers — particularly young men — were far more likely to be stopped by Ottawa police than other drivers, according to a report analyzing two years of traffic stops.
A York University research team examined 81,902 traffic stops involving Ottawa residents from 2013 to 2015 where officers recorded their perception of the driver’s race, as well as their gender, age range, the reason for the stop and whether the stop resulted in charges

WTF cat

Judges in Medicine Hat custody case ordered boy not to wear girls’ clothes in public

MEDICINE HAT, Alta. — A sexual minorities expert says judges need to be better educated about gender identity after two Alberta family court judges ruled that a child born a boy couldn’t wear girls clothes in public.
The case involves a couple in Medicine Hat fighting over custody of the five-year-old.
The mother supports what she says is the child’s wish to identify and dress as a girl, but the father does not and blames the mother for the child’s gender confusion.

Transgender Tots? ‘Recovered Memories’ Hysteria Is A Warning From Recent History

From Denyse O’Leary at MercatorNet:

In the last few years, a new sexual liberation movement, transgenderism, has arisen. It is complete with an ideology: A person can be born into the “wrong” sex and can correct that problem by amputations, hormones, change of name, pronouns and dress, demand for full public recognition as a member of the other sex, and punishment of those who simply do not believe it.
Watch How Quickly A Police Ride-Along Escalates To Pursuit And Gunfire
At least two suspects are still at large after shooting 14 rounds at a police car in a high speed pursuit. All this was witnessed by the cruiser’s dash cam and a ride-along passenger, who was reduced to tears as she was hit with windshield glass broken by bullets.

Now The NEGRO Referees Are Kneeling For The National Anthem

Now The Referees Are Kneeling For The National Anthem
NFL players, soccer players, and recently national anthem singers have been refusing to stand for our national anthem in protest of police. Now even the referees are getting in on disrespecting our nation and hero veterans to protest for an unrelated “cause.”

A paid referee at a Southwest-Croatan High School football game kneeled during the national anthem on Friday night. That’s right, funds given for children’s sports are going towards paying this guy for his act of disrespect. The unnamed referee was allowed to continue to work through the game and there have been no reported consequences for his actions.

Obama's Environmental Protection Agency - EPA Hiring 15 “Diversity And Inclusion Specialists,” Each Making More Than $100K Year.. WE NEED MORE COLORED, QUEERS, TRANNYS and more....

The hackiest of the hack jobs
The Environmental Protection Agency is looking to hire 15 “Diversity and Inclusion Specialists,” each of whom will make $100,000 or more per year.
The agency will hire employees to set up diversity and inclusion “advisory bodies” across the country, according to a government job posting.
“Earth Day is every day at EPA!” the agency said. “At EPA, you can protect human health and the environment of all Americans, and you’ll discover that EPA is one great place to work!”
“We offer great benefits and work flexibilities, and our diverse workforce connects to more than just a career—we share a common passion to promote a cleaner, healthier environment,” the EPA said.
The salary range for Diversity and Inclusion Specialists is between $99,785 and $146,570 per year. If all 15 positions are filled, the hires would cost taxpayers between $1,496,775 and $2,198,550 each year.

THE GREAT OBAMACARE - Terminally Ill California Woman’s Insurance Company Will Pay For Her Assisted Suicide, But Not For Chemo…Stephanie Packer, a wife and mother of four left to DIE

Meet the death panel.
The Washington Times reported that the California Assisted-suicide law prompted an insurance company to deny coverage to a terminally ill California woman.
Bradford Richardson, from the Washington Times reported that Stephanie Packer, a wife and mother of four who was diagnosed with a terminal form of scleroderma, said that her insurance company initially indicated it would pay for her to switch to a different chemotherapy drug based on the recommendation of her doctors but shortly after the California assisted suicide law went into effect, her insurance company denied her treatment.
Richardson reported Packer as saying:
“And when the law was passed, it was a week later I received a letter in the mail saying they were going to deny coverage for the chemotherapy that we were asking for,”
She said she called her insurance company to find out why her coverage had been denied. On the call, she also asked whether suicide pills were covered under her plan.
“And she says, ‘Yes, we do provide that to our patients, and you would only have to pay $1.20 for the medication,’”Mrs. Packer said.


Monday, October 24, 2016

Three WHITE Chicago Women, Ashley Sawatzke (30), Amy Taylor (32), Lindsey Cohen (35) killed in Milwaukee by a Hit & Run Feral Negro in Milwaukee

A feral Negro driver who allegedly ran from the scene of a crash in Milwaukee that killed three Chicago women turned himself in to police Monday.

All three victims were passengers in a 2013 Ford Fusion headed west in the 200-block of West Clybourn Avenue around 2:48 a.m., when police said a southbound 2015 Lexus R350 ran a red light at North 2nd Street and slammed into the Ford.

Two of the victims, identified as 30-year-old Ashley Sawatzke and 32-year-old Amy Taylor, died at the scene. Police said the third victim, identified as 35-year-old Lindsey Cohen, was rushed to a hospital, where she later died.

Though originally from out of state, all three women lived and worked in Chicago. They met at Energy BBDO, an advertising company in the Loop.

"We are absolutely devastated by the loss of these three incredible, exuberant young women who were taken to us far too soon...The grief of their absence is felt deeply across our Energy BBDO family," said Tonise Paul, CEO and President at BBDO Energy.

Neighbor Reggie Snead recalls the day he met one of them, Taylor, just about a year ago.

"I just knew she wasn't from Chicago. I was trying to tell her when it's safe and when it's not," Snead said. "God, that's sad. It's really sad, she was really a nice girl."

The Uber driver, a 41-year-old man, suffered serious injuries but is expected to recover.

Investigators said two men in the Lexus ran from the scene after impact. Police said the 23-year-old driver surrendered himself to authorities Monday afternoon.

The driver is not expected to be charged until at least Tuesday. Milwaukee police said they still have no information on who was in the car with him.

Chicago Police: WHITE Woman walking to CTA 'L' attacked on Northwest Side by Feral Negro

Chicago police are reporting an attempted criminal sexual assault Monday morning on the Far Northwest Side.

A 37-year-old woman was walking through a parking garage in the 8400 block of West Bryn Mawr Avenue on her way to a CTA Blue Line station about 4 a.m. when a man approached her from behind and knocked her to the ground, according to a community alert from Area North detectives.

The attacker demanded that she remove her clothing, but she struggled and was able to flee and get to a safe area, the alert said.

The attacker, who fled south from the parking lot, is described as a black man about 25 years old who is 5-foot-5 to 5-foot-7, the alert said.

He weighs about 135 pounds and has brown eyes, black hair and a light complexion. He was wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt, the alert said.

Anyone with information should call detectives at 312-744-8261.

(CPS) Chicago Public Schools plans to borrow as much as $1 BILLION DOLLARS for new school construction due to Chicago Illegal Beaner Expansion

Chicago Public Schools officials are moving ahead with plans to add hundreds of millions of dollars in debt to the district's books, setting up a blitz of construction projects.

The Chicago Board of Education on Wednesday is expected to approve borrowing as much as $840 million. But CPS won't tell the public what it plans to spend the money on until after the district goes to market for the new bonds.

In addition, the school board also is set to vote on issuing an additional $160 million in bonds to re-finance some of its old debt.

CPS' financial reputation has been a regular target for Wall Street analysts, a point reiterated by last month's decision by Moody's Investors Service to drop the district's bond rating further into junk status. That could cost CPS more money when it sells new bonds.

The construction loans would be repaid with money generated by a City Council-approved pool of property tax dollars earmarked for school infrastructure. While the district is treading water financially, a building program is likely to be politically popular throughout much of the city.

CPS has said the bonds would pay for renovation and construction projects, as well as equipment purchases. The district already has proposed a $338 million capital budget to be financed partly with $233 million in borrowing against the recently enacted property tax levy for school projects.

The school board also has to revise its spending plan to make room for a tentative deal reached this month with the Chicago Teachers Union, but that's not on the agenda for Wednesday's meeting. Hundreds of school-based union leaders endorsed a recent tentative agreement, sending it on for a final vote this week by the CTU's rank and file.

The district still hasn't laid out the deal's effects on a budget that also assumes state lawmakers will come through with more than $200 million. But budget revisions require the district to carry out a new series of public hearings. It's not clear when that will happen, as the district said hearing dates won't be announced after union members vote on the contract.

On Dec. 7, the school board is expected to take up the revised budget after canceling a scheduled November meeting.

TRUE NEWS USA - Viewer Submitted News

Tribal Groups of Negroes Attack White Students - Temple Students Attacked, Officer Thrown To Ground, Police Horse Punched In Assaults

U.N. goes all-in for unlimited migration

While most polls show Hillary Clinton cleaning up in the race for the Oval Office as the campaign goes into its last two weeks, a few — including one that turned out to be the most accurate in 2012 — score it a dead heat

THE WIKILEAKS LIST: At Least 65 MSM Reporters Were Meeting with and/or Coordinating Offline with Top Hillary Advisers

Hillary Clinton VP Pick Tim Kaine’s Islamist Ties

Bill Clinton was applauded in 1995 in his address . . . .
But by the same party, Trump is called a racist for the same comments in 2016!

American Golem to Monitor “Anti-Semitism” in Europe

Sgt. Hrnchiar charged with discreditable conduct after comments posted online following death of Inuit artist

Hillary Ally Gave $500K to Wife of FBI Agent on Email Investigation

A former St. Rita of Cascia High School student William Sink, 19, is charged with first-degree murder in the slaying of his mother Grace Sink - You can't sink much lower than sink....

OAK LAWN, IL — A former St. Rita of Cascia High School student is accused of stabbing his mother to death during an argument early Saturday morning in Oak Lawn. William Sink, 19, is charged with first-degree murder in the slaying of his mother.
Sink is currently hospitalized at Advocate Christ Medical Center where he is receiving psychiatric treatment. An Oak Lawn police detective was in court Monday filing a “no-body warrant.” Cook County Judge Patrick Rogers set bail at $2 million.
The prosecutor said Sink and his 50-year-old mother, Grace Sink, were having an argument around 3 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 22, in the family’s home in the 4600 block of West 106th Place. Sink was separated from his mother and went outside with his younger brother and their mother’s boyfriend.
When they were outside, Sink began fighting with his younger brother and mother’s boyfriend, allegedly knocking the man unconscious. Sink went back into the house where his brother saw him on top of his mother hitting her, the prosecutor said.

The brother was able to get Sink off their mother, and his brother left the room. Around 4:45 a.m., the boyfriend was asleep in the bedroom, when he was awakened by the sound of arguing between Sink and his mother, according to the prosecutor.

Manhunt underway for Oklahoma double-murder suspect Michael Dale Vance Jr., 38, who shot 2 cops

Authorities in Oklahoma are frantically searching for a double-murder suspect who opened fire on two police officers and stole a patrol vehicle late Sunday night.

A manhunt was underway Monday for Michael Dale Vance Jr., 38, who police said opened fire on officers responding to a shots-fired call in Lincoln County, just east of Oklahoma City, according to NBC News.

When officers arrived at the scene about 6:30 p.m. Sunday, the suspect "came out with an AK-47 and just opened fire on everybody," Lincoln County Sheriff Charles Dougherty told reporters at a news conference.

Two Wellston police officers were shot and suffered non-life threatening injuries, according to the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office.

Vance, who was also shot, fled the scene in a patrol vehicle with another suspect, then shot a woman at a nearby mobile home park and stole her car, police told CBS affiliate KWTV-News9.

Hours later, police discovered two dead bodies in Oklahoma County; sheriff's officials later determined that the victims were Vance's family members, according to News9.

One person is in custody, police said.

But Vance, who is considered armed and dangerous -- possibly with an AK-47 -- is still at-large, police said.

"CHICAGO 7" Tom Hayden, anti-war activist and ex-husband of American Traitor Jane Fonda, dies at 76

Famed 1960'S anti-war activist Tom Hayden died after battling a lengthy illness, according to his wife. He was 76. USA TODAY NETWORK

Tom Hayden, the anti-Vietnam War activist, “Chicago 7” member and former husband of the actress Jane Fonda has died at the age of 76.
His wife Barbara Williams told CNN that he died Sunday from complications related to a stroke he suffered in 2015. She told the broadcaster that he passed away surrounded by his family at the UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica, Calif.
Royal Oak, Michigan-born Hayden was one of the “Chicago 7” activists who was tried for conspiracy and incitement after protests at the Democratic National Convention in 1968. He was later acquitted and went on to serve on the California Assembly and Senate for almost 20 years.

CHICAGO NEGRO VIOLENCE SKYROCKETS - 37 shot in Chicago over weekend as homicides climb nearly 200 above this time last year


Six people were killed and 31 others were wounded in shootings in Chicago over the weekend as the number of homicides this year climbed to nearly 200 above the same period last year, according to police and data compiled by the Tribune.

Six people were shot in just one hour Sunday, between 4 and 5 a.m. — an average of a person shot every 10 minutes.

The hour ended with the city’s most recent homicide. At 5 a.m. Sunday, 29-year-old Jason Balboa was found with several gunshot wounds near 28th Street and Pulaski Road in Little Village. He was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital and pronounced dead a few hours later.


Anne Arundel County Police Officer Suspended After Woman Whines About What’s In Cruiser Window - Oath Keepers Baseball Cap

A veteran police officer, who’s been with the force for over 9 years, has found himself in the center of controversy. Unfortunately for him, it seems that an entitled brat saw what had been in the officer’s cruiser window for quite some time, and they decided to whine about it. Now, the cop is suspended.
It all started when Gillian Thompson passed by a police cruiser near Whole Foods in Annapolis, Maryland and was stopped dead in her tracks. According to the woman, she saw something “gravely offensive” in the window and just knew that she had to do something about it.

The following was sent to Goodall, and other NFL Reps.

The following was sent to Goodall, and other NFL Reps. ;

Some more of our Brothers and Sisters that the NFLthinks they can Dishonor with their cheap tactics of Protest!!!
seattle on October 21, 2016    

The following was sent to Goodall, and other NFL Reps.

Mr. Goodall, & company, ….The NFL, has No right to Dishonor the National Anthem;Nor our Veterans of Foreign Wars!

   History has varied the story, but the playing of the National Anthem at sports events began as an incentive to instill the American spirit to Depressed, low-attendance Baseball fans in an America, that had suffered the loss of over 100,000 American troops during World War – I. It also had a commercial value to the Team owners, as it also helped raise the spirit, unity, and eventually the attendance of the people to support both “Team-America” and the home-town baseball team. Even then, it took time before the “fans” realized that the playing of the Anthem at a game garnered due respect and somber reflection. *It wasn’t about the game, it was about considering America’s sacrifices and losses, of those who couldn’t attend…....
                                                                                  May they still rest in Peace with Honor!
Remember and get to know who allows you to flourish, then and now, as we approach this upcoming Veterans Day,………..for you have done them a Great Disservice;
   They were kids of an average age of 20 yr. old, but with minds filled with fear and wonderment. They came from all backgrounds, with different perspectives on where and why they were in a Foreign land. They were dropped-off, in a somewhere place, called Vietnam. A word / a name not really familiar to them, in an environment and culture even stranger then anything their young lives had experienced. They didn’t understand that they were destined to become invisible, as America’s Defenders, though their actions became indelible, for those with eyes-wide-open. They were writing a part of America’s history that some didn’t want to print, and many, then as now, refuse to read, or understand. In their young minds they felt duty-bound to protect and preserve the Freedoms and Rights they were taught were precious and distinct, but also shouldered a great deal of Responsibility. They didn’t (personally), know too many of their fellow Americans (back home), who’s Freedoms they felt they were defending. You see, that didn’t matter because they were Honored to defend those who had made some form of sacrifice for them. This is part of a Societies fundamental need to survive as a Family, and a Nation. It will always be an essential ingredient in one’s existence, until we truly travel where “No man has gone before”, into the realm of Peace.
Their training, their discipline, their determination, their dedication to the unified purpose has no equal to anything your so-called “Teams” experience.
In the early morning hours they would prepare their “Team”(s) to go out on patrol. Average daily temperatures would be around 105 degrees. Once everyone put on their Flak-jackets, Helmets, Back-packs filled with C-Rations, and additional supplies, you could be carrying (at least), 30-50lbs extra on your body. Some carried more.
   Their silence and their eyes spoke of thoughts that some may not come back this time, but those thoughts were never heard out-loud. Patrols that sometimes lasted for days / weeks, where you slept on foreign soil, next to snakes, insects, and creatures you never remember reading about in (high school), Science class. You would travel so far from “the company base”, that Helicopters would be deployed to bring you additional food, or sometimes bring you back to camp. The life-saving, always “Loved”, Helicopter, that decades later can bring you back to that time, and place, just by hearing the sound of the blades overhead.
   Patrolling in the mountainous regions south of Saigon, where you thought you would never reach the top of a “hill” or ridge, because you were getting numb from the weight on your back, and the Heat of the day. Reaching for your Canteen of warm, bad-tasting water, was more of a necessity then a desire. Reminding yourself, that if the guy in front of me can do it,…..then so can I. *Each tour-of-Duty, put 100’s of miles on those young men’s’ bodies, and an uncounted toll on their minds. The air they breathed contained Billions of particles of Herbicides, later to be known as “Agent Orange”. Unbeknownst to many who believed they made it back home “safe”, they carried a poison, that was to remind them of all they wanted to forget. The enemy came Home with them.

    Patrolling / marching in Monsoon rains, along the DMZ, that made you fight for every step you took. Rains that pounded you till you had to learn to become oblivious to their presence. You felt a need to show defiance to Mother Natures continuous “beatings”, as if she was telling you,……you shouldn’t be here!! Mud-caked uniforms, were your blanket at night, as you tried to dry your socks and boots so as to preserve your most precious tools, while on patrol, your feet.
   Crossing rivers / streams who’s initial embrace was refreshing from the torture of a battling heat and humidity that appeared to fight each other for the right to bring you to your knees. Unfortunately the (cool water), embrace of the River /stream was short-lived as we had to (stop and), return their inhabitants (who joined us) as we crossed. Once the opportunity came for us to rest on dry land again, so began the tedious practice of returning those who hitched a ride from the River. The river’s residents known as Leachesfound a way to cling on to each Soldier, as if they were lost relatives. Somehow / someway, they would get under your uniform, and immediately begin to embed themselves into your skin. Soldiers were compelled to stop, examine their bodies, and remove any / allLeaches before they became too comfortable and made your body their “new” home.
   Such was some of the common everyday sacrifices made by a Team that knew and understood what Unity meant. They understood they may have to do this everyday, and every-time they left on another Patrol. They knew that we all couldn’t “get our way”, or do what we wanted, and that supporting each other regardless of our differences of opinion, is best in serving the “TEAM”. They found strength in their newly established unity, and it was making them Mature. Perhaps faster then they expected, but maturity embraced them nevertheless. They shared their water with a weakened member or shared their food with one in need. They shared precious cigarettes from the rations they carried, as comrades often do. They grew together. They may have not agreed or even liked those in-charge, but Respect and Obedience was essential, because what you do, or do not do affects everyone else. It’s part of being a good Team.
All this was understood and respected, and made them adhere to the power of becoming a “Team-Member”, so as to overcome these obstacles………..together,………and that was even before they ever confronted obstacles far greater and more deadly…………Such as the “Enemy” in combat, for the spectra of Death camped with us, marched with us,…….and followed our every move.
………..AND yet (NFL),your players are called Warriors and Champions. Your players (should they get thirsty or sweat), are handed water, and towels to dry that sweat off their “Gladiator” brows, by those employed just for that purpose. Your players only “work” one day a week, and for only part of the year. In luxury they only have to wait around for someone else to bring in their newly cleaned uniforms, from the past weeks event. Your salaries far exceed your work-load, and yet complaints about “your struggling lives”, is all people read about in embellished stories about your “conquest”.
   Your Players, lacking true obedience and discipline, can decide “who is in charge”, and real-teamwork and mutual respect are in-effect only if everyone gets “their-way”. The Media follows you around, as if you are really making a difference in the world.
Your training may indeed have some compelling aspects to it, but would your training ready you for what has been mentioned (above), in real fields of “battle”, by America’s real Teams? Would you dare compare your training to that of a Guardian-of-Freedom, that protects your right to play-a-game?………..I suspect your training would Fail you in a “Real World” circumstance…….So.................I ask……Why do you Shame us????
………… Why do you allow your “employees” to take over, and Dis-respect America’s Best Teams, with protest performances that only demean the spirit and intent of playing the National Anthem at your games? These (so-called “protest”) are NOT actions of “Free” speech, that your employees impose on Americans. These are practices of deceit to the Public in attendance. Announcing and selling tickets for a sporting event , and once the (citizens in the stands), are asked to rise for the singing of the National Anthem, you have then created a “captive audience” environment. Your employees (with your Silent Consent), then allow these designed “Protest” of insult, and dishonor to be inflicted on the Audience!! …….An audience that is expecting a period of somber reflection during the playing / singing of the Anthem………..That is Not Free Speech!!

NFL, you need to educate yourself and your employees on what Free speech entails and what it does not allow. You cannot hold a specific event, for a specific purpose, invite the public, and then inflict them with something they had no-choice in attending!!……….Did you tell the Public beforehand, did you allow them the choice? Free speech is Not in-practice when you compel and deceive others to listen and /or observe what you have to protest!!
Captive audiences are Not willing participants in the practice of “Free Speech”, if you take away their choice. Thus your arrogant, and undisciplined “Protesters” were NOT practicing Free Speech.

    The NFL, has Failed in Respecting and Honoring other “Teams” that have paved the way for you to Entertain others. Your Teams have Failed in the transference of Mutual Respect for other real American Teams, far better, and more disciplined then they.
…………I am shamed that the NFL, (allegedly) is a compilation of representative “Home-Teams”, that in Theory are supposed to represent America. Yet you have done Nothing to quell this Unconstitutional practice, alleged, to be “free speech” by your team members and their employees, because you have NOT educated yourselves on what is Free speech!
You have allowed the practice of Disrespecting and Dishonoring those who protected you before and those who protect you now, without consequence. Had we as Americans and Soldiers, decided to protest “at-will” without regard for the rest of our American Team, then we would have Failed as Citizens, and Americans representing our Country……….A Failure, by your “Teams”, seems to be embraced by your Silence!!
                                                                                                   You have Shamed and Disgraced us All!!
   Wasn’t it sufficient embarrassment for the NFL, when you took American Tax dollars to display “Paid-for-Patriotism” to War Veterans, at your games? Hollow exercises in (lets pretend we care about you) Patriotism, paid for with our Tax dollars, should have been enough shame for you to have shown better Respect and Discipline, and insist that your employees merely come to the game and do what they are paid to do??? Has it become so “Politically Correct” that you cannot ask employees to do their job anymore? Has the Greed of making so much money, blinded the NFL, to the unspoken Patriotic, Higher duty you should have towards America’s people? We did our job on your behalf, as your employees should have done, on behalf of those in attendance, and throughout the Country.

    All Grievances should be heard, but Free Speech like all protected Rights, come with Responsibilities, and those people in the stands, as those watching at home, have rights also, and you should have respected those boundaries. You took away theirFree Choice, and thus your employees “protest” was NOT free speech. but Imposed Speech to captive citizens.
You may have groups of Players that play this overly-embellished game, BUT you don’t have any Teams,…………Not really!!
You can’t compare to our American Teams, of the ArmyNavyAir ForceNational Guard, and (of course), theMarines…………….Impossible!!
As a final note,………..The National Anthem, was played, not for your employees, or even for those in the stands………….It was played to remind us ALL of those “Empty-seats” in all Stadiums and all Arenas, where good Americans will never be present to attend, because of the sacrifice they made…………….What Sacrifice have you made????
                                                                                   What Shame you have brought to their Memory!!
Thomas Pastore, Vietnam Veteran / USMC, whose memory has served me by reviving some Archived remembrances of those I served with, lived with, and patrolled with. I submit them to you, in the hopes of bringing some reality where delusion now presides.


Could cyber attack which took down Twitter and Amazon have been ‘practice’ for the US election day?
They used internet connected ‘devices’, such as webcams, baby monitors and DVD recorders, to launch a DDoS or ‘distributed denial of service’ attack, which involves bombarding a server with so many hits it cannot deal with the demand and is driven offline.
Since then, a theory has emerged online asking whether the assault could have been ‘practice’ for something even larger, designed for the US presidential election day on November 8.

‘Kill All Police’ Graffiti Threatens Detroit Law Enforcement
Detroit Police Chief James Craig addressed reporters Friday afternoon in response to a graffiti message found in the area of W. State Fair Avenue and John R. Street, reading, “Kill All Police. Kill James Craig,” WWJ reported.
“Is it troubling? Absolutely. Do we take it serious? Yes we do,” Craig said. “Given the environment that we’re in today, we don’t take threats lightly. Any time you threaten a Detroit police officer — and now the Detroit Police Chief — that’s a threat on all of us