Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Mohammad Robinson, 31, was fatally shot outside a McDonald’s in Las Vegas after not holding the door open for a woman

I'm thinking.... JUST LIKE YOU ARE THINKING... there is more to this story than being actually reported.... 

Mohammad Robinson, 31, died on Saturday night after he was gunned down outside the fast food chain near Pecos.

His daughter Miniya, 14, said her father’s best friend witnessed the shooting and told her it followed an argument about not holding the door open for a woman.

She told KSNV News: ‘It was a stupid reason honestly, irrelevant.

‘It doesn’t make any sense why would you actually take someone’s life over not opening a door.’

Miniya said she was told her father got into an argument with a woman after the restaurant’s door was not held open for her.

The man she was with then shot him.

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Melvindale Michigan Police Chief Chad Hayse fired for calling Mayor Stacy Striz a "CUNT" and "BITCH" among other things....

Sticks and Stones can break my bones... But Names will get you fired!

The city of Melvindale has fired its police chief for "willful misconduct."

Chad Hayse was terminated effective, immediately Tuesday evening at the second of two hearings at city hall to discuss his future. Hayse had been suspended without notice.

It was dubbed a quazi-trial. The former police chief was the defendant with the city council as the jury and a lawyer from Farmington Hills, with no connection to city as the judge.

They heard testimony from current officers to support claims that Hayse used many vulgar terms in reference to mayor including the "b" word and "c" word.

"I've actually spoke with him and said that is not a good idea," said Officer Patrick Easton. "Especially to say in front of newer officers that look up to him."

Hayse denies the allegations, but the mayor and council say it goes beyond name calling.

There was testimony that he disciplined an officer without filing paperwork, took issue with the city's towing company which allegedly led to him asking officers not to give the tow company business, and used social media to spread propaganda about a 911 dispatch merger.

All of which the council decided, created a toxic work environment.

"It's been an honor to serve the citizens of Melvindale," Hayse said. "And I'm sorry I won't be able to complete my career here."

The Public Safety Commission voted to fire him in 2012 when he was interim police chief, but he was later reinstated. Those reasons were never divulged.

"We've had ongoing problems in the department," said Mayor Stacy Striz. "And finally it got to a point where we needed to take some action."

The trial lasted two days with more than  5 1/2 hours of testimony.  After hearing the verdict the former chief had little to say on what the future holds.

FOX 2: "What are you going to do now?"

Hayse: "Go home."

NFL Vikings Player Teddy Bridgewater's leg snapped, made fellow rough & tough Vikings players vomit upon seeing the injury

There were a few clues that Teddy Bridgewater's injury was worse than your garden-variety ACL tear.
First, an ambulance showed up to the Vikings practice field. (UPDATE: A 911 dispatcher described the injury as a "dislocated knee." The Star-Tribunepublished the audio. The Vikings later said it was a dislocation and an ACL tear) Then, coach Mike Zimmer gave a somber press conference, adding that the injury was "significant" and non-contact. That's never a good sign. Fellow players vomited upon seeing the injury.... 

Donald J Trump to meet Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto IN MEXICO TODAY.....

Like him or hate him.... TRUMP HAS BALLS!

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said Tuesday that he had accepted an invitation to visit Mexico from President Enrique Pena Nieto ahead of his immigration policy speech in Arizona.
President Nieto confirmed that Trump accepted the invitation and that the two would meet in private Wednesday.
The visit will come as Trump looks to clarify his stance on immigration, which is the centerpiece of his presidential campaign. Trump has called for the deportation of illegal immigrants living in the U.S. and building a wall along with country’s Mexican border and having Mexico pay for the wall.
Recently, Trump has signaled he would soften his stance a bit after meetings with Hispanic leaders and a special “Hannity” town hall last week.
Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said on “Fox News Sunday” that Trump wants to find “the fair and humane way” to address the issue, which includes whether to separate families to enforce federal law.
Last week, Mexican President Nieto — who has been critical of Trump's insistence that Mexico would pay for the wall — invited both the Republican nominee and Democrat Hillary Clinton to visit his country. Trump confirmed on Twitter late Tuesday that he had accepted Nieto’s invitation.

Outraged Chicago's Black Pandering & Criminal Mayor Rahm Emanuel vows changes after cops’ treatment of Rhymefest??? Really??? How about these questions Mr. Sell Your Soul Rahmie

A few readers have mentioned suspicious discrepancies in the Rhymefest story:
  • An unexplained 2 hour gap in time of occurrence to time of reporting;
  • How he managed to keep his watch and cell phone;
  • Why not call 911 from the scene?
  • A book bag he suddenly remembered missing a day later;
  • Passing two other police stations after being held up in 002;
  • The video beginning with no explanation at a time that conveniently paints the police in a bad light;
  • An unconfirmed report that Rhymefest cut in front of three other people already waiting for reports;
  • If his statements after the fact are to be believed about not wishing to prosecute, why bother involving the police at all? It was just $3 since he didn't remember the book bag at first.

17-year-old Troubled Colored Boy, Tavon Waters, Repeatedly Slaps 5-Year-Old White Girl on School Bus - NOTHING TO SEE HERE - IT'S TYPICAL NEGRO BEHAVIOR (TNB)

According to the brief description provided in Live Leak, “17-year-old Tavon Waters was riding on a bus with elementary school children. For some reason he told another young girl to slap a 5-year-old white girl. When she didn’t slap the small girl he did.”
Why the hell is a 17-year-old student riding with 5-year-olds in the first place? Can you imagine the public outcry if the roles were reversed and the victim was a 5-year-old Black girl and a 17-year-old White male?
Also, why is a known trouble-maker who is on juvenile probation even allowed to be in the presence of regular, non-criminal students? Shouldn’t he be in a special school or class? Shouldn’t there have been closer supervision of him, especially since he was someone known by school officials as being disruptive and violent? 

Suspect shot by (DEA) U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency officers during drug bust in Joliet mall parking lot

Authorities say a suspect has been injured in a shootout with U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency officers in the parking lot of a suburban Chicago mall.
DEA Special Agent in Charge Dennis Wichern tells The Herald-News ( ) the shooting happened Tuesday evening during an undercover drug bust operation outside the Louis Joliet Mall in Joliet.
Wichern says when agents moved in to arrest two men, one began firing at them. According to the newspaper, the officers returned fire, striking the suspect in the leg. He was being treated for injuries that are not life-threatening.
Joliet Police Chief Brian Benton says several vehicles were struck by gunfire but no one else was injured.
Wichern says charges are pending against both men.

Chicago Special is no longer TWO FER TUESDAY... It's 17 for Tuesday! Chicago Negro Violence - As Mayor Rahm Emanuel bends over and panders to Rhymefest... Chicago has 17 Shot & Wounded on a TUESDAY

Man killed, at least 17 wounded in shootings   
A colored man with a shady past was killed and at least 17 other colored folks have been wounded during separate shootings across the city, police said.
Around 12:45 a.m. Wednesday, a 20-year-old man was shot to death and an 18-year-old man was wounded in a shooting in the Pilsen neighborhood, police said.
The two men were standing on the sidewalk in the 1800 block of South Throop Street when a Chevrolet Tahoe pulled up and someone inside it fired shots. The 20-year-old was struck in the back. He was taken to Stroger Hospital, where he was later pronounced dead, police said.
The 18-year-old was also shot in the back, and he was taken to Stroger Hospital in serious condition, police said.

How does Chicago Colored U.S. Congressman Danny Davis like his Wildebeest??? Well Done! Color Gal sets self on fire in Rep. Danny Davis' West Side office

A 43-year-old woman walked into the lobby of U.S. Rep. Danny Davis' West Side office Tuesday afternoon, drank from a bottle of hand sanitizer, poured the sanitizer over herself and set herself on fire with a lighter, according to Davis and police.

"We really don't know why; we never got to that point," Davis said.

He said the woman spoke briefly with staff before picking up the bottle of hand sanitizer.

"Often times people sign a register or a book with their name and address but she never got to that point," Davis said. "We don't know her and we don't know exactly what she may have been coming for."


World Health Organization - WHO urges shift in SUPER STD treatment due to antibiotic resistance

Growing resistance to antibiotics has complicated efforts to rein in common sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhoea, chlamydia and syphilis, the World Health Organization warned Tuesday as it issued new treatment guidelines.

Globally, more than one million people contract a sexually transmitted disease (STD) or infection (STI) every day, WHO said.
"Chlamydia, gonorrhoea and syphilis are major public health problems worldwide, affecting millions of peoples' quality of life, causing serious illness and sometimes death," Ian Askew, head of WHO's reproductive health and research division, said in a statement.
WHO estimates that each year, 131 million people are infected with chlamydia around the globe, 78 million with gonorrhoea and 5.6 million with syphilis.
More than one million people contract a sexually transmitted infection (STI) every single day, WHO medical officer Teodora Wi said.
Until recently, the three diseases, which are all caused by bacteria, had been fairly easy to treat using antibiotics, but increasingly those drugs are failing, WHO said.
"Resistance of these STIs to the effect of antibiotics has increased rapidly in recent years and has reduced treatment options," the UN agency said.
Resistance is caused, among other things, by doctors overprescribing antibiotics, and patients not taking the correct doses.
Injected into the buttock or thigh
Strains of multidrug resistant gonorrhoea that do not respond to any available antibiotics have already been detected, while antibiotic resistance also exists in chlamydia and syphilis, though it is less common, it said.
When left undiagnosed and untreated, the three diseases can have serious consequences, causing pelvic inflammatory disease and ectopic pregnancy in women, and increasing the chances of miscarriage, stillbirth and newborn death.
They can also greatly increase the risk of being infected with HIV, and untreated gonorrhoea and chlamydia can leave both men and women infertile.
To rein in resistance, WHO on Tuesday presented new guidelines aimed at ensuring that doctors prescribe the best antibiotics, and the right doses, for treating each specific disease.
To reduce the spread of the diseases, national health services will need to "monitor the patterns of antibiotic resistance in these infections within their countries," Askew said.
For gonorrhoea for instance, WHO recommends that health authorities study local resistance patterns and advise doctors to prescribe the most effective antibiotic with the least resistance.
For syphilis, meanwhile, WHO recommended a specific antibiotic—benzathine penicillin—that is injected into the buttock or thigh muscle.
It stressed that condom use was the most effective way to protect against STD infection.

WHITE TRASH NEWS: Police: Ohio Man John Smith Threatens to Cut Off Girlfriend's Head with a Samurai Sword

A man has been charged with felonious assault, resisting arrest and obstructing official business after police say he attacked his live-in girlfriend with a samurai sword, according to WOIO and the Canton Repository.

John Smith, 53, was spotted in a car reversing toward a woman walking down the street near Bonnieview Avenue in Alliance Monday evening when police attempted to make a traffic stop. He jumped out of the car and led police on a short chase, but was arrested shortly thereafter.  

The litany of charges stem from his threats to his girlfriend. Smith allegedly held the sword to her neck, threatened to chop her head off, choked her, and tore at her dress, apparently in an attempt to grab her cell phone.

The woman was leaving their home after the violence and threats when police caught up with the pair. The sword was found in the backseat of Smith's car.

Smith's first appearance in front of a judge in pending; he's being held on $102,500 bond.

President Obama freeing more Negroes than Abraham Lincoln.... Not from slavery but from prison.... Obama cuts short the sentences of 8 feral Negro inmates from Illinois

President Barack Obama has cut short the sentences 111 federal inmates, including eight Illinoisans, in his latest round of commutations for those convicted of nonviolent drug offenses.

The White House says those from Illinois include Rudy Martinez of Chicago. He was sentenced to life in 1992 for conspiracy and drug distribution, among other charges. He's now expected to be released in December.

Other Illinois inmates are from Champaign, Sauk Village, Rockford and Rock Island.

The White House says Obama has commuted 673 prison sentences, more commutations than the previous 10 presidents combined. More than a third of those whose sentences were shortened were serving life.

Obama has long called for phasing out strict sentences for drug offenses, arguing they lead to excessive punishment and incarceration rates unseen in other developed countries.

A Detroit police officer caught on camera going above and beyond the call of duty giving school supplies to a little girl - A good thing.... But Feral Negro "Gee Ross" didn't think so and wrote "KILL THAT PIG" FaceBook.... He is now under arrest

A Detroit police officer caught on camera going above and beyond the call of duty giving school supplies to a little girl.

But among the praise someone posted a death threat against the officer.



Jesse Jackson thinks Donald Trump is a champion of minority empowerment.
Or at least he used to before the turn of the millennium.
In both 1998 and 1999, Trump was an honored guest at the annual Wall Street Conference hosted by the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, Jackson’ DC-based “multi-racial, multi-issue, progressive, international membership organization fighting for social change.”

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Woman Beating Troubled Colored Singer Chris Brown Arrested on Suspicion of Assault With a Deadly Weapon after standoff with Los Angeles (LAPD) SWAT TEAM - Weapons, drugs found in Chris Brown's home

UPDATE: Chris Brown has been taken to LAPD headquarters where he will be arrested and charged with suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon after allegations that he threatened a woman in his home with a gun, NBC news reports.
Chris Brown spent Tuesday in a bizarre 10-hour standoff with police after a woman left his house calling 911 earlier in the morning, saying he had threatened her with a gun inside his Los Angeles home. He is currently the only suspect in a criminal assault investigation, reports TMZ.
The woman said the pair had been arguing when he flew into a “violent rage” and pulled out the gun, according to the Los Angeles Times. She then ran out of the house and called 911.
Brown and several of his friends, including Ray J, stayed inside the house for most of the day and did not leave, with no one answering when police knocked on the door. According to TMZ, those inside claimed Brown had been asleep the entire time.
Around 3 a.m., Ray J left the house and was immediately approached by police who handcuffed him and seized his BMW. After verifying his ID, they uncuffed him and let him go, but kept his car as evidence. 
An hour later, a SWAT team was dispatched to the home while LAPD gathered a search warrant. Brown began posting videos to social media around this time, saying that he felt harassed by the police, even throwing out a “F—k the police!”
“Good luck. When you get the warrant or whatever you need to do, you’re going to walk right up in here and you’re going to see nothing, you idiots,” he said in one video. “I’m tired of … dealing with y’all.”

Montgomery 12-year-old colored boy charged with stealing bus from church, driving to Naperville

A 12-year-old Montgomery colored boy has been accused of stealing a school bus from an Oswego church and driving it into Naperville.

The boy, whose identity has not been made public because he is a minor, was charged as a juvenile with theft of a motor vehicle, according to a report from the Kendall County Sheriff's Office.

According to deputies, the bus — which Naperville police said was a full-sized, blue and white school bus — was taken from Valley Baptist Church in Oswego Thursday.

Naperville police stopped the bus near 95th Street and Book Road around 6 p.m. Thursday, Naperville Police Cmdr. Jason Arres said. Police had received a complaint and been on the lookout for the bus, he said.

The boy was released to his parent, according to Kendall County deputies.

Conservatives rally for Donald Trump in statewide flash mobs

In busy intersections throughout Michigan, supporters of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump spent Tuesday's rush hour waving signs, cheering and encouraging passersby to vote Republican in November.
The so called "flash mobs for Trump" were organized by the grassroots group Michigan Conservative Coalition and resulted in 25 events in 19 of the state's counties, some of which had more than 100 attendees. 
At the flash mob event hosted at 8 Mile and Haggerty Road in Oakland County, Trump supporters lined the street corner donned in pro-Trump or U.S.A. gear, waving signs such as "Women for Trump," "Hillary 4 Prison" and "Honk for Trump."
One attendee carried a lifesize Trump cardboard cutout, another dressed as Uncle Sam and walked around the rally on stilts. Honks pierced the air periodically as drivers acknowledged the rally.
Five of the flash mobs took place in Oakland County, and two each were organized in Wayne and Macomb counties. Other locations included intersections in Jackson, Muskegon, Genesee, Saginaw, Kent, Kalamazoo and Livingston counties, among others.

A historic Detroit church is being hit with a huge bill that's 100 years in the making by the city. It's part of the city's plan to attempt to tap into some long forgotten cash - Since the Negro Citizens WON'T PAY, we have to go after the Catholic Churches instead....

 - A historic Detroit church is being hit with a huge bill that's 100 years in the making by the city. It's part of the city's plan to attempt to tap into some long forgotten cash.
It's the only Hungarian Catholic Church in Michigan. Founded in 1905, Holy Cross is currently home to about 475 parishioners and has been doing everything right in the Delray section of southwest Detroit for almost 100 years.
"We have no problem until this moment, we are shocked that we have to pay extra," Holy Cross Friar Barnabas said.
The city is telling the church to pay up - to the tune of $2,500 a month. The city seems to have found some 20,000 parcels of property that were never billed for water drainage. One of those parcels is Holy Cross.
According to Drainage Change Program Manager Eric Rothstein, the city spends $125 million a year to contain storm water. The city says these discovered parcels account for about $8 million of additional revenue for the city's water department.
"Everybody's been paying, but these parcels," Rothstein said. "There are lots of reasons why an account may not have billed."
Those reasons don't matter and the water department is going after the properties.
"It's hard to say they got a break insofar if they didn't get the bill, it's not a question of them not paying something they didn'get a bill for," Rothstein said.
While he wouldn't say they got a break for the past century, the church may have gotten one now. The city could go back and collect for the past six years but they're not. The collection will start in October.
"We would like to turn around to people to help us and officials to help us maintain this issue. It's probably not only causing problems for us but all other, especially smaller, churches," the Friar said.
The city has programs to help with these bills and says it will work with the property owners.
As for Holy Cross - they're not going anywhere.

I Think My Dog's a Democrat Bryan Lewis Official Video

Welcome to the Burning Man live stream. It's only gonna keep getting better...

U of Iowa Professor Worried That the School’s Hawk Mascot Is Too Scary for Students to Handle - It could be even more scarier had they used Hillary Clinton as their mascot!

OMG! Look at the fright, the panic and worried look in their eyes!!!!

Professor Resmiye Oral is concerned that the mascot may be leading to violence, depression, and a culture of suicide. (The professor's name scares me more than the mascot!)

A liberal wacko professor at the University of Iowa is concerned that the school’s hawk mascot, Herky, looks angry — and its appearance could be contributing to a culture of violence, depression, and even “suicide.” “I believe incoming students should be met with welcoming, nurturing, calm, accepting and happy messages,” clinical professor of pediatrics Resmiye Oral, wrote in an e-mail to the school’s athletic department, according to an article in Iowa City Press Citizen.

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The Never Ending Depths of Mayor Rahm Emanuel's Shameless Black Pandering.... Read The Charges Against Five Chicago Police Officers Involved (On the scene) in Laquan McDonald Shooting - Chicago Cop Jason Van Dyke has been already charged with homicide

CHICAGO — Here are documents explaining charges against five police officers involved in the October 2014 fatal shooting of Laquan McDonald.
These charges were filed with the Chicago Police Board, who will decide on whether to fire these officers, including Jason Van Dyke, who has also been charged with murdering McDonald.